New Double Accordion Concertos by Johann Sebastian Bach

What would it be like if Johann Sebastian Bach could play the accordion? This question has been pondered by numerous musicians playing that instrument, who look at its short history with a dreamer’s longing. This album (…) represents a certain experiment, an attempt at juxtaposing the modern accordion with an instrumentation of a string quintet using period instruments. The tonality obtained this way aims at reflecting as exactly as possible the sound of the Bach’s era, where the accordionists performing solo parts, for years seeking a possibility of artistic realisation in the realm of Baroque music, have marked their slightly timid presence. If we take a look into the recent past, such combination would have meant an “artistic misalliance”, although for many contemporary enthusiasts of early music it can be hard to accept as well. However, the album’s authors wished to refer to the universal truths and the beauty of Bach’s music. To this end, through using tools similar to each other, they are exploring previously unknown paths with courage and open mind, allowing themselves to be captured by the hard-to-predict consequences of a journey. I would like to encourage every listener to answer the question whether it was worth it, at the same time deeply believing that the selected works can be equally revealing and inspiring for them as for the performers who have contributed to this album.

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Concerto for two harpsichords and string orchestra in C minor BWV1060

[1] Allegro 

[2] Adagio 

[3] Allegro 

Concerto for two harpsichords and string orchestra in C major BWV1061

[4] [Allegro] 

[5] Adagio ovvero Largo 

[6] Fuga 

Concerto for two harpsichords and string orchestra in C minor BWV1062

[7] [Allegro]

[8] Andante e piano 

[9] Allegro assai