Accosphere. New Accordion Chamber Music

Accosphere – an artistic space for self-fulfilment for musicians whose creative expression is channelled through the concert accordion. Various musical phenomena orbiting around an accordion duo are present in its skies. These include constellations of works created from Baroque to contemporary times, including original arrangements and results of co-operation with the community of contemporary composers. They take various forms and styles, but they are combined by the promotion of the artistic face of the instrument and accordion music. 

This slightly abstract definition is an attempt to synthetize the activities of duoAccosphere, made up of Alena Budziňáková and Grzegorz Palus. The duo’s many years of experience gained on stage and during the production of recordings perfectly illustrate the above description. The album Accosphere reflects the ensemble’s activity in the field of contemporary music. The works featured on the CD have been created in recent years as part of a direct cooperation between the musicians and the composers who have dedicated their works to them. This collection includes both compositions for two accordions and those that complement this ensemble with other instruments, thus creating a unique palette of tone colours and shapes.

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Peter Machajdík

[1] In a moment… (2018)

Volodymyr Runchak  

Of Sisyphus and Prometheus – two instructive myths for accordion duo (2017)

[2] I Andante

[3] /no tempo indication/

Wojciech Ziemowit Zych

[4] The Ray of Ultimate Whiteness for accordion duo and string quartet (2018)

Renāte Stivriņa

[5] The Tears of St. Lawrence (Perseids) for accordion duo and organ (2018)

Grzegorz Majka

The Testament of Wounds for mezzo-soprano, baritone, accordion duo and sonoristic layer (2019)

[6] Matce księdza Jerzego

[7] Czarna wodo

Tyler Versluis

Quintet for accordion duo and woodwind trio (2021)

[8] I Moderato

[9] II Intermezzo

[10] III Molto allegro

Accompanying performers.:

Wacław Golonka /organ/
Wiesław Ochwat /sonoristic layer engineer /
Damian Lipień /bassoon/ 
Airis String Quartet 
Magda Niedbała-Solarz /mezzo-soprano/
Stanisław Duda /baritone/
Monika Sęk /oboe/
Piotr Lato /clarinet/