Accordion Anatomy. Mogens Ellegaard in memoriam


The CD Accordion Anatomy illustrates the effects of the aesthetic revolution that took place in accordion music in the 2nd half of the 20th century in Scandinavia thanks to the work of the eminent Danish accordionist Mogens Ellegaard (1935–1995). There repertoire includes pieces performed by Grzegorz Palus as a soloist, with electro-acoustic components, in accordion duo (duoAccosphere) and with string quartet (Airis String Quartet) by composers from three Scandinavian countries: Denmark (Ole Schmidt, Per Nørgård, Vagn Holmboe), Norway (Arne Nordheim), and Sweden (Torbjörn Lundquist). Album was released by the prestigious Chopin University Press in 2020.


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[01] Ole Schmidt — Toccata No. 1 Op. 24 (1960)  

[02] Torbjörn Lundquist — Bewegungen for accordion and string quartet (1966)   

Per Nørgård — Anatomic Safari (1967)    

[03] I. Respiration    

[04] II. Movements   

[05] III. Clusters   

[06] IV. Fluctuations    

[07] V. Reaction   

[08] VI. Percussion    

[09] VII. Vertigo, Vertigo double  

[10] VIII. Toccata (‘Impatience’)    

[11] IX. Fantasy Pietro’s Return            

Torbjörn Lundquist — Ballad for accordion duo (1968)   

[12] I. Alla Ballata    

[13] II. Aria    

[14] III. Rondo    

[15] Arne Nordheim — Dinosauros for accordion and tape  (1971)   

Vagn Holmboe — Sonata Op.143a (1979)    

[16] I. Allegro   

[17] II. Adagio ma non troppo    

[18] III. Presto   

[19] IV. Allegro (Fuga)